About Us

Business Innovations Group (ConsultBig.com) is a business development and consulting firm that specializes in customized services relative to business structure and organization.  In addition, we also provide solutions for internet optimization and social media marketing; our services in this essential area include lead generation, branding capabilities, content management, and strategic marketing campaigns.  As a cutting edge firm with nearly a decade of industry expertise, we have witnessed small businesses and startups struggle to create viable online operations and social media presences that live up to their potential. With our best practices and tailored solutions, we believe we can help businesses establish their goals and bring their vision to fruition.

Our solutions include:

  • Web Development

  • Custom Design Development

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Promotion

  • Mobile Development

  • Mobile Design

  • Social Media Management and Marketing

How We Help

We assist our clients by building their strong internet presence and by continuing to manage that presence with best industry practices governing social media networking today.  We help businesses build a structure with LLC formation and provide them with the marketing resources they need to thrive online.

Who We Target

We work with businesses who are struggling for various reasons with their online platforms.  Under staffs may simply not have the time to dedicate to this vital aspect of business and some companies have not yet established a viable internet or social media presence.  We work with such businesses through our comprehensive menu of services so that they may take advantage of online marketing and grow their business.


Our services are structured so our clients enjoy a full spectrum of business solutions. When you partner with Business Innovations Group, you’ll have access to all the tools and resources you need to thrive as a business in this digital age.