6 Tips to Improve Your Business Website

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by C. Roguel

Making an impact to the website world and displaying your website is vital nowadays. It is all about the sale. To sum all your efforts – it has to be relevant enough, purposive, and original.

See below on how to maximize your potential. It is always important to tailor things and set proper expectations, doing so will help keep you one step ahead of the competition as Web experts like me say.

Convenience – Giving your customers the power to make decisions at their convenience is a very powerful element. No pressure is required in order to have that BIG buying decision. It is all about how you made them question their decision. If they do this, what will happen kind of subconscious type of thing. It is all about how you capture their imagination and the purpose you bring.

When someone comes to your website, browse your products and services, and buy at their convenience, you address that hurdle.. that gap in the sales process – time with respects to the features and benefits. I have learned with Zig Ziglar that.

Usually customers buy and making sure they evaluate services more before sticking to it. There are few people who wants to try first then if it works then the risk is worth taken. However, there are few play safe individuals who stick to the traditional. Close to Telemarketing to say at least.

In the tech industry, websites allow customers to quickly check if they are making a good decision using ratings, reviews or testimonials, and all that jazz. Everything is visual.
Information – A website sends out more information about a product or service than a retail display or advertisement. At least with the website, you control the way how information is presented to say at least. The more useful information you give the better chance of gaining that AVAIL, APPROVED, PURCHASE or BUY.

Evaluation – Making an educated buying decision is measure by purpose and value in terms of $. This is where the “stand out concept” presents itself. Relaying to your customer why your product or service is of the best value. Showing and telling them the Pros and Cons. Detailing the Features and the Benefits as clearly as possible. Always acknowledging that no product is perfect but yours is closes to perfection. Based on personal experience, Americans are purpose and value buyers. Only less percentage can actually buy on the spot. You need to build trust and rapport and making sure that they are equally leveled and you do not turn them off.

Guidance – This is where your website will present several solutions. The more options and relevant information you present with a buying argument, the more close you are getting there. Access to information without trashing competition, making sure that YOU know what you are talking about is a perfect guidance. A Yellow pages directory for example tells you to go where to find something. Same as displaying your business website, there should be NO sugarcoating. Direct to the point and you only talk to their needs and not of the others. People buy on impulse. If in 10 minutes you don’t capture their interest you are a losing that chance for a Purchase or Buy.

Contact – The internet have changed the landscape of making a sale. Telephone is more interactive secondary to Person to person, but technology opened the doors for so much more opportunities. Virtual reality, Mobile app shopping, security payment solutions and Web Chat capabilities aside from email relay are among them.

Email allows people to correspond and collectively sum all the thoughts before sending it. There is a time gap which is a chance to think twice. Limited knowledge doesn’t fill the gap of awkwardness. Again, use this opportunity to gain an edge over the competition.
Entertainment – Information and Technology can be used for entertaining customers. YouTube is a simple integration of Entertainment that is trying to sell to you first before you get access to contents.

Facebook attempts to redefine that concept thru social share. Twitter on the other hand tries to use information to custom ads and tweets. If used effectively, this can make huge impact and significance to the generating profitable web sales. Proper presentation of facts in the most intuitive way is the key.

Experts say use the competition as your advantage. Creating an impression that will set you above the competition. Having a website is a powerful tool for any small to medium scale business, bigger the market the better. It all depends on how you use your website and how you really want it.

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