With rapid growth in mobile development, the opportunities for instant information and immediate action have placed high importance on mobile and tablet friendly experience. It is imperative for companies to consider how their content is displayed and received on handheld screens. Bringing rich powerful solutions to smaller devices takes experience and a deep understanding of platform differences in this ever-changing environment. Business Innovations Group brings knowledge and experience building and designing for the web to the mobile arena.

We specialize in iPhone and Android development and we have experience in mobile applications for a variety of sectors. As business products and services vary as well as the platforms used to view applications, we recognize that the core principles of the mobile user experience remains the same — accessibility, ease of use, shortened navigation, and immediate user engagement, all while adhering to iOS and Android guidelines.

The application development process is fast and iterative. We can take a recently hatched idea, gather requirements, design, and rapidly develop an elegant and powerful application. You will see tangible results quickly. We put a prototype in your hands as soon as possible and enhance the process based on your feedback leading to a more satisfying and transparent development process.