Business Innovations Solutions offer advanced mobile web designing and mobile marketing services, which will enable your business to get access to the increasing Mobile Internet industry.

The rate of growth of Mobile Internet usage is tremendous and it is bound to grow even more in the years ahead. The growth is is pillared on 2 major developments:

Mobile Technology: WAP enabled mobile handsets which allow easy access to the web. The price point of these devices are also getting lower, thereby ensuring that more people are able to afford and actively use such mobile devices. Instead of being a luxury item, such devices are slowly becoming items of necessity as the desire to stay connected is increasing.

Connectivity: Faster, cheaper and better wireless connectivity – making it possible for mobile users to browse the web easily on their mobile devices.

Designing for the Mobile

Most of the websites are built for desktop and laptop users. The same websites will not work properly on mobile and tablet devices due to difference in screen size and resolution, thus requiring special attention to the layout of the size on mobile web browsers.

Statistics show that the number of mobile web users are increasing at a tremendous pace. Mobile web users are making all kinds of buying decisions using their mobile devices like searching, browsing websites, online booking, online research, buying services and products, etc. All those websites which are not rendered correctly for mobile phone browsers, will miss out this opportunity, traffic and potential business.

Mobile Design Service Features

If you want to get traffic to your website from mobile users, then your website need to have responsive design. In short, Compatible to all devices.

We will help you do just that!

Whether you have an existing website or are planning to get a new site REDESIGNED, making them mobile compatible is the single most crucial decision you can take right now.

Salient features of our mobile design service:

  • Layout: Professional looking Mobile versions of the site which capture the important messages of your website
  • Website accessibility guidelines
  • Web standards compliance
  • Focus on usability
  • Remove Visual Noise: Stripping the site to the bare minimum design parameters, so that your webpages appear effectively on mobile devices
  • Mobile focused messaging: Content Messaging to include the important and relevant aspects of your site, so that users do not lose interest while reading the webpage on smaller mobile screens
  • Effective Call To Action: It is important to customize your call to action for your mobile site visitor
  • SEO friendly design
  • Mobile site promotion
  • Consultation on how you can Promote your overall website by getting a bespoke Online Marketing Plan for your business

Get mobile compatible web design & mobile search optimization for your online business. Contact us now to get a free assessment of the mobile readiness of your website. We’ll show you how mobile users are currently getting to see your website.