Social media marketing is the utilization of social media platforms in order to convey a clear message to the digital world. We can simplify it as the Social media version of the Content Marketing. The only difference is the scope becomes more personal since it involves actual communication or Person to Person conversation thru social media either thru Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Path, Instagram , etc.

Social media plays a big role in the Marketing scene because Internet is now considered as a powerful tool in alleviating education deficiency and community based poverty. Internet in general can be a tool to empower people in the society. It allows big companies to reach out to small and hard to reach consumers via Social Media related activities. Telecommunication companies and various private companies utilizes such opportunity to gain following and reach out to their diverse market.

Social media marketing is also enhancing consumer rights and protection. Consumers can now relay their experiences good or bad to certain products thus acting as a Testimony. Word of mouth advertising becomes digital. It gives more chance to both parties to show and tell.

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